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Rila Monastery Info is an independant guide of the UNESCO Rila Monastery in Bulgaria. Please kindly note that we do not represent the Rila Holy Monastery authorities

open hours & tickets



The complex and church of Rila monastery: open every day from 07:00h - 19:30h.

History museum: open every day from 08:30h - 16:30h.
Extended working hours (01st June - 30th September), Friday, Saturday, Sunday:  from 08:30 - 19:30



Entrance to the Rila monastery complex and church is free of charge.
The museums on site have the following admission fees:

History museum:

  • Adults - 8.00 BGN 
  • Students - 2.00 BGN 
  • Family ticket - 4.00 BGN  for each parent and 2.00 BGN  for each child 

Tower of Hrelio, Ethnografic museum, Bulgarian renaissance guestrooms and Monastery farm:                                             

  • Adults - 5.00 BGN 
  • Students - 2.00 BGN 
  • Family ticket - 3.00 BGN  for each parent and 2.00 BGN  for each child 

Guiding services (these are live guide services and are sunject to availability. Please contact the history museum for enquiries) :

  • English - 25.00 BGN per group
  • Bulgarian - 15.00 BGN  per group

Audio guide (web based) in different languages:

How to get there


  • Shuttle runs daily from Sofia city center
  • From €15.00 per person, one-way
  • Easy online booking with live availability and instant confirmation




Rila monastery is part of UNESCO World Heritage List and deffinitely worth visiting while in Bulgaria.
With more than 1000 years of history it impresses with both architectural and natural beauty.

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